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BioFeedback 1987 The "New Biology" at Andrews University; Scholarship Fund; Alumni Give Computers; Hare and Heidke Retire; Biologist Author Books; Where Have All The Teachers Gone?; A Word From the Chair

BioFeedback 1988 Hughes Invites Proposal; Woodland Goes to China; Biology Alumni Giving Strong; Biology Research at AU; McClelland Paintings Available; with Alumni Notes from Paul W. Anderson, Herluf Jensen, Gordon L. Byrd, Donald R. Borg, Philip A. Lewis, David E. Love, Charles A. Cutting, Dave Lounsberry, Tom Mullen, Peter J. Trepper, Abbigail Marlene Steinhart, David Wohlers, Swight Scarborough, Larry Habenicht, Ken Colburn, Schubert Palmer, Bryce A. Bray, Cheryl A. Emoto (Muskett), Malinda White Walker, Obed Bashora Rutebuka, Akira Chiba, and Scott M. Hanson

BioFeedback 1989 Andrews Biology Alumni, NSF Awards Major Grant to AU;Bill Hughes Leaves AU; HHMI Proposal Rejected; Paintings are Still Available; with Alumni Notes from Roberta M. Foster, Austin R. Sawvell, Ted Yuen, Edith Applegate, Stanley Charles Knapp, Clyde Roggenkamp, Sam R. Tooley, Edward N. Elmendorf III, Calvin Hill, Carlos Irizarry, David Elmendorf, Don Chilson, and Katherine (Koudele) Joslin

BioFeedback 1990 Biology Profiles Its Graduates; Woodland Publishes Text; In the Spirit of Excellence; Atkins Joins Department; TriBeta Chapter Installed; Alumni Provide Record Support; with Alumni Notes from Paul Anderson, George K. Peck, Philip A. Lewis, Hugh J. Caggiano, John Jordan, Cleveland Cleary, John D. Ombiga, Robert L. Shepard, A. Moses Adetumbi, and Dan Jones

BioFeedback 1991 Biology Hosts Bright High School Freshmen; NSF Grant Funds Undergrad Neurobiology Course; Thoresen Announces Retirement; Harold Heidtke: Mr AU Biology; Zdor Joins Faculty; Another Hughes Proposal; Recent MS Graduates; with Alumni Notes from Austin R Sawvell, James E. Van Blaricum, Gary Huffaker, Kenny H. Chan, Scott M. Hanson, and Akira Chiba

BioFeedback 1992 Student Development Program Initiated; Second Year for Math/Science Center; Zdor Battles Velvet Leaf; Molecular Lab Techniques Course Offered; Thoresens Settle in Oregon; Tissue Culture in Velvet Leaf Research; with Alumni Notes from John M. Roosenberg, Deith Snyder, Philip A. Lewis, Dana R. (Dick) Waters, Obed B. Rutebuka, Ralph A. Brown, Dan Jones, and Heidi Griggs

BioFeedback 1993 Wuchenich Grant Supports Undergraduate Biology; West Founds Geron Corporation; Dennis Woodland: A Steward of the Earth; Campus Arboretum Developed; Goodwin To Fill Biology Position; Kronner Supplements Biology Faculty; with Alumni Notes from Jeffrey Long, Jaelene M. Mannerfeldt, and Charla Neal Willis

BioFeedback 1994 Biology Attracts International Graduates; First Senior Class at AU Science Center; What's New and Green at Biology's Conservatory?; New Biology Faculty; Stout and Steen Administer; Fall Biology Campout; Chilson Receives Medical Scholarship; with Alumni Notes from Paul Anderson and Rick Heiss

BioFeedback 1995 AU Sciences in Peterson's Guide; AU Biology Develops WWW Site; Andrews Students Study Biology At Rosario Beach; Study Trip To Florida Planned for Spring; with Alumni Notes from Paul M. Krater, Edgar O. Grundset, Ted Yuen, Philip Abraham Lewis, Clyde Roggenkamp, Bruce L. Taber, Toby Imler, Kenneth Wright, Len M. Archer, Dan Jones, Scott M. Hanson, & Melody A. Knaup

BioFeedback 1996 Women Biology Grads Make their Mark: Tiffani Clark and Karen Giver; Steen Cultures Embryos; Biology Works Towards Purchase of new SEM; Hughes Dedicated Book to Thoresen; Conklin teaches predental course and Alumnotes from Jerry Snow, Asa Thoresen, Barbara Reid Rodenberg, Trudy Sirany, Lyndon Taylor, & Heidi Griggs

BioFeedback 1997 Biology Awarded McGregor Grant; Early SEM Purchase Thanks to Alumni; TriBeta Helps Area Schools; Biology Seniors Score High for Second Year; Berrien County Math/Science Center Expands; Timothy Standish Joins the Faculty; Woodland's Textbook a Best Seller; Heidtke Retires a Second Time with Alumi Notes from Austin R. Sawvell, Lester Medford, Philip A. Lewis, Robert (Bob) Barker, Rawle F. Philbert, Lt. Robert R. Braswell, Karlene E. Sinclair, Nadine V. L. Thomas, Scott M. Hanson, & Amy Lorenz

BioFeedback 1998 An issue focusing on Biology Faculty including Gordon Atkins, Bill Chobotar, Thomas Goodwin, James L. Hayward, Timothy Standish, David A. Steen, John F. Stout, Dennis W. Woodland, & Rob Zdor with Alumnotes from Sylvia Callender-Carter, Steven Royer, Sheldon Shultz, Nadine Ashton Shultz, & Karen Giver

BioFeedback 1999 John Francis Completing MD/PhD; Trip to the Amazon; Goodwin Named Codirector of the Center for College Faith; Everglades Trip Planned for Spring Break; with Alumni Notes from Duane Houck, Philip A. Lewis, Clyde Roggenkamp, John E. Whitman Jr. Kanelechi C. Kennedy Nwangwa, and Gary T. Wuchenich

BioFeedback 2000 Stephen Royer joins Fernwood Botanical Gardens, Stout Leaves Chairmanship Heads University Research, Steen Named Biology Chair, Hot Selling Botany Text Hits 3rd Edition, Service Learning in Biology, Biofeedback Changes Editor, Record of Alumni Giving, with Alumni Notes from Ross O. Barnes, Daddiel Castanon V., Jere Clayburn, Marc Daniel Gutekunst, Wandyr Moore, Barbara Rodenberg, & Gerald (Jerry) Snow

BioFeedback 2001 Undergraduate Research Benefits Biology Students with special notes about Monica Sickler and Daniel Gonzalez; Anna Simpson Practices Pediactrics, Leads Church Choir; Faculty Transitions (David Mbungu, Timothy Standish, Marlene Murray); Technology Aids Advisers, Teachers; Physics Enterprises Benefits AU Science Programs; with Alumni Notes from Sheldon and Nadine Shultz, Jeremy Burden, Jere Clayburn, Dana Waters, and Craig and Cheryl Wiley.

BioFeedback 2002 AU Biologist, Mathematician Collaborate, Bob and Jeanette Smith Love Life, Remember AU, Student Enrollment Up In Biology, AU Biologists Frequent Everglades, Amazon, Hayward Named Teacher of Year, Conservation Efforts in Southwestern Michigan.

BioFeedback 2003 New Behavioral Neurosciences Program Funded, Roosenberg Family Long Term Participants in AU Science, Student Workers Essential To Biology, What's Happening in Biology, Chobotar Completes 13th Year As Editor, Science Complex Entryway Renovated, with Alumni Notes from Pam Anderson, Hugh Caggiano, Calvin Hill, Toby J. Imler, Koheleth Mujaga Katondo, Philip A. Lewis and Clyde Roggenkamp

BioFeedback 2004 A Mammoth Gift, A Mammoth Need, Jack Staddon Pursues MD/PHD, Charles Ahn Practices Opthamology, New Book By Thoresen, AU Science Building Survives the "Great Flood", Alumni Notes

BioFeedback 2005 Lester Medford, Clyde Roggenkamp, Gordon E. Johns, Charles J. Amlaner, Byron L. Blagburn, Robert L. Barker, Larry D. Blackmer, Ruben E Alarcon, Timothy G. Standish, Rita Francis, David A. Zacharias, Amy Lorenz, Igor Milosavljevic, Ronald E. Celestine, Karen Giver Osborn, Jeremy H. Burden, James R. Milks, Ruthie D. Franke, Susan Metges Gamble, Rahel Davidson Schafer, Marie-Lys Lallemand Bacchus, Catherine L. Foune, Eva M. Ryckmanm, Tatnai L. Burnett

BioFeedback 2006 The David Mbungu Story, Seabird Ecology Grant Renewed, AU Graduates Return to Earn Master's, Woodland Delivers Plenary Address, Asa Clifford Thoresen, Hanes Trust Sponsors Botanical Research and Education, Biology Honors Students, Promotions, Senior Picnic, Alumni Notes from Paul W. Anderson, Londa L. Schmidt, Hugh Caggiano, Jeffrey Karst, Elisabeth Hickok, and Lorinda Loftonbrook-Phillips

BioFeedback 2007 A Love For The Sea (Karen Giver Osborn and Jennie Dee Janssen), Department Update, NSF-funded Assessment of BNS and Biology, Woodland Invited to Russia, Symposium Slated to Honor Stout, Change in Bioloogy Administrative Assistant, Alumni Notes from Susan Mentges Gamble, John R. Henley, Jeremy L. Johnson, Michael Scalfani, Steven Yoo, and Adella Pyo

BioFeedback 2008 Biology Department Honors Professor John F. Stout, Mastodon Skeleton, Grad Student Burden Speaks in France, Botany at Rosario, Biology Acquires "New" TEM, Ron Stout's Accident & Recovery, Pam Smith Studies Plants at Warren Dunes, Bumper Crop of Graduate Students, New Stout Conference Room, John Bicknell Passes Away, Dr. Trone and Her Dolphins, Alumni Notes from Layla Cole, Victoria Gonzalez Sorensen, Eva Ryckman, Denise Smith, and Catherine Foune

BioFeedback 2009 Biology Faculty Honored (Bill Chobotar, Tom Goodwin, David Steen, Dennis Woodland), Shastin Purvis Accepted at Mayo, Goldwater Scholar Libby Megna, Spring Break in Cozumel for Biology Students, Return of the Tooth Sleuth (Paul Kovalski) For Alumni Weekend, Karen Giver Osborn Discovers Worms With Luminescent Bombs, Pam Smith at Soapstone Prairie, Presentations at Meetings (Zdor, Goodwin, Hayward, Woodland, Burden), Two (Kisser & Burden) Defend Theses at Rosario, Zdor Teaches Microbiology Short Course for Kids, Goodwin and Students Study Mammals at UMMZ, Kelly McWilliams - A Life Saved, In Memory of Dr. Leonard N. Hare, Heidtke Honored at Biology Christmas Party, Charles Amlaner New VP at Kennesaw State, Woodland's Text in Fourth Edition, Alumni Notes from Mary Ellen Barlow, Myrna Biswas, Christopher Borchardt, Esther Jeong, Maria Kim, Brooke Reiswig Kisser, Mindy Kutzner, Andrija Matak, Kester Nedd, Rawle F. Philbert, and Benjamin J. Thornton

BioFeedback 2010 Daniel Gonzalez-Socoloske Studies Manatees, Undergraduate Biology Becomes More Quantitative, Recent M.S. Graduates Teach College Biology (Myrna Biswas, Brooke Kisser, Kelly McWilliams), Goodwin Teaches Course on Extinction, Seabird Ecology Team Funded by NSF, Bionics - report on a seminar presentation, Greenhouse Renovation, Dr. Woodland's Botany Class Visits Chicago Botanical Gardens, Natural History of the Everglades and Florida Keys, May Express Ornithology Trip, Alumni Notes from Shastin Purvis, Casey Graves, Christopher Campbell, and Jim Milks

BioFeedback 2011 Goodwin Awarded 2011 J.N.Andrews Medallion; National Science Foundation Study of AU Biology Department Program Completed: Uncovering Reasons for Biology's Success; Save That Date: Chobotar, Steen, Stout, and Woodland plan to retire; Adventures of Marie Trone; Microscopy@AUBIOLOGY; Galapagos Research; Pam Smith Receives Dickinson Memorial Award; AU Biologists Dig Sediments; Paleo Class Visits Ohio's Ordovician Deposits; Woodland Ascends Kilimanjaro; May Express Africa Trip 2011; Alumni Notes from Libby Megna, Brianna Payne, Paul Anderson, Reiker Schultz,

BioFeedback 2012 Ring out the old! We celebrate the contributions of our departing faculty: Bill Chobotar, David Steen, John Stout, Dennis Woodland, Gordon Atkins. Ring in the new! Goodwin new biology chair. Pamela Coburn-Litvak, Daniel Gonzalez-Socoloske, Kanya Long, Peter Lyons, Benjamin Navia, Denise Smith join the faculty. New biology club (Biophilia), remodeled lab and office space. Historical lantern slides discovered. Harold Heidtke donates Day-lily collection to AU. Transit of Venus observed on roof of Price Hall. Alumni notes from Byron Blagburn, Christina Burden, Pamela Smith, Randy Walikonis.