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As of November 10, 2004 there are
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Welcome to the Directory of Adventists in Science. This is a searchable interactive database using FileMaker Pro 6.0.

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The purpose of this online Directory is to enhance awareness and communication among Adventist Scientists. And with that heightened sense of community, to improve the quality of our research and our service to our students/employers.

Disclaimer: With the passage of time, listings in this directory may be outdated or inaccurate. Most listings appear here by personal request and are quite complete. Some of the data has been gathered from web sources and some has been gathered through hearsay and may be inaccurate Month/Year of last update is included and may be an indicator of reliability of the data.

Please contact me if you:

I apologize in advance for mistakes that may appear. Since this directory is very easy to update, your corrections/additions will appear quickly.

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Please report problems and feel free to ask questions or make comments.

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